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Top tips on throwing a birthday bash your child will not forget

It’s time to think about the best party you can throw, not to try to put too much pressure on yourself, let’s see then, the birthday is for a young child and there is a popular theme for the party most likely one of their favorite tv shows, with this in mind you will have to give yourself a bit of time to arrange it all, so let’s make a plan:

Choose a Birthday Party Theme & Style 

You have to know the right theme to make this a success can be a bit of a headache, as long as you are sure that the right theme isn’t outdated with your kid. You are set up with the idea of the style and this can lead nicely to finding the right venue and other elements like the food and decorations needed. The outfits of the guests can fit within the theme if needed too, this will give a good shock to the guest of honor.    

Setting the Party Date

Planning this date is precious for the influence on attendance. Try to pick a day and time when you know you’ll get most of the guests and key ones at that, making sure it’s on a weekend day is a safe bet. This can contradict a budget that you may have for a particular venue you have your sights on because weekdays can be cheaper than weekends, this will be something to weigh up well in your mind.

Sticking to a Budget

It’s been mentioned already above but this is also for catering, beverages, entertainment, decorations, and the all-important birthday cake. To help make the day extra special try getting in touch with the bouncy castle hire company for a quote. With there being so many options available, it would be a good plan to set out a spreadsheet with all the calculations logged in from all the options available.

The Big Birthday Cake

This has to be a good one, of course, maybe consider talking to a professional chef or cake maker from a bakery to ask for advice on a budgeted yet high-quality massive cake. It can be achieved with the right knowledge and connections, just imagine if cant be crafted in your kitchen, then think external kitchen. 

Birthday Food

The cake isn’t just the food for the party you shall need, everyone will want not just cake but maybe a buffet of cold finger food. If you feel you can go all out for hot food then do it, well it is the party of the century. If this is the way you will go then get the caterer to maybe take care of the cake too, this should relieve some pressure from the day off you.

The Entertainment

Birthday entertainment is essential, you have to have activities for the people attending the party so nobody is bored at the greatest party ever. You can arrange a professional entertainer, that should get things rolling.

A Photographer

Try to make a great day with a Professional photographer, the memories of the legendary day can be captured and seen again in an album or of course posted online for everyone to see and remember a great day.

A Surprise Birthday Party

Hey, why not try to surprise the kid with everyone surprising them, that will create a memory of a lifetime. There is a big excitement in it with the hype from the guests about what will happen, so the surprise will be mega special, with guests of honor would know what hit them.

Messy Play

Try out a concept called Messy Play, this would be the best fun for the kids as they love to create a mess, but this would be allowed for a party. There is also a cleaner wetter version called water play which is a water fight essentially. Either play will create smiles and memories that all should enjoy. The equipment is cheap and easy too, just head to your cheapy shop and buy the water guns and bombs.

Birthday Party Invitations

With all the plans in place, it’s time to send out the all-important invites, but interesting you could send e-invites, which is a budget enhancer instead of posting to each front door and incurring a cost.


If all the elements are in place for the day then it’s your enthusiasm and positivity that can push this to an awesome level birthday style celebrations. Make sure not to bare the burden of the party to yourself, because it should be an exciting endeavor to set up.

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