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Top Tips to Improve Your Blog in 2021

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Blogging is extremely competitive; there are so many blogs out there, all fighting for the top spot. So, what can you do this year to help ensure you are ahead of the game? I have teamed up with an SEO agency in Hertfordshire to offer some tips.

Audit Your Website

Start by assessing your website as a whole, not just the articles you are sharing. Does it load quickly across all devices? Does it run on HTTPs? Are you adding metadata and ALT tags to your pages and images? Do you have analytics or other tracking set up so that you can monitor performance? As a website owner, these are things you should know about and should be implementing in order to help you achieve the best results.  

Consider Headlines & Formatting

Consider your headlines and aim to make them catchier going forward. There are some great tools out there that you can use to help with this. You should also think about the format of your posts, because while a catchier headline might draw people in, your formatting with determine whether or not they stick around. Ensure your content is easy to read and ‘scannable’ by including smaller chunks of text, subheadings and bullet pointed lists. 

Build Your Backlinks

When a website has lots of high-quality backlinks, its domain authority and Google rankings improve, meaning more readers and more potential brand collaborations. You can build backlinks by offering to write guest posts on other blogs and website that link back to you. However, be sure to remember the phrase “quality over quantity”. 

Share on Social Media

Of course, you cannot expect people to even know your blog exists if you’re not sharing your articles. You can do so on social media but be sure to figure out the optimal time to post when you’re likely to get the best engagement. You’ll also need to ensure your images are eye-catching and even ‘pin-worthy’. 

Sharing Is Caring

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