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5 Top Tips to Make Mum Life Easier

tired mother with cute daughter resting on bed in cozy room

Although mum life can be fulfilling and beautiful, it can also be chaotic and frustrating, especially when juggling work and other commitments. To make sure that you can enjoy the frenetic energy of life with a baby or toddler, here are some top tips that can help to make your life that tiny bit easier. 

Invest in a Weaning Bib

One of the most time-consuming aspects of becoming a mum is cleaning, with babies and toddlers causing a surprisingly large amount of mess throughout the day. Rather than spend your day chasing after your kids with the dustpan and brush, you should consider finding ways to cut down on your cleaning from the start. For instance, when it comes to mealtimes, you should invest in a coverall weaning bib from Bibado that can stop their food from getting all over their high chair, the floor, and themselves. 

Do Shopping Online 

When you have a toddler or a baby, it can sometimes feel as if getting out to the shops is impossible, and keeping control of your kids when you are out and about can be more mayhem than it is worth. Instead of battling your tots around the supermarket, you should swap the stores for online shopping, especially in terms of non-essentials like clothing and toys. This will enable you to complete your shopping whenever you have a spare moment, and you can even get your shopping delivered straight to your door by the next day. 

Have an Emergency Supply in the Car

There is nothing worse than coming unstuck when you are outside of the house, and yet most people do not carry a lot of baby equipment with them when they travel. However, you should always make sure that you are prepared for every eventuality by keeping an emergency supply of nappies, baby food, and blankets inside the car at all times. You should also pack a potty for any little accidents that occur.  

Attach and Label Loose Clothing 

Baby clothing is increasingly expensive, and yet kids seem to lose a stray sock or mitten every single week. To make sure that their clothes do not go walkabouts, you should label all of their clothes, especially if they take them to nursery or daycare. You should also sew any loose articles, such as hats and scarves, into their clothes to check that they do not go astray. This will make sure that their clothes will always come back to you. 

Prepare the Night Before

Your morning routine is the most hectic part of the day for any family. To make this go smoothly, you should prepare for it the night before. This includes making up packed lunches and the food that you will need and storing it in the fridge before you go to bed, as well as placing any equipment and clothes that you will be using in an easily reachable location so that you can grab them as you run out of the door. 

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