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Updating Your Home Style for Less in 2021

Once the festivities are out of the way in January, many people look at the start of a new year as a fresh slate. At this time, thoughts to turn to home decor and making some freshen up rooms in the home. This can be anything from simply updating your chosen colour scheme in a room to overhauling the complete look and feel of your home.

However, updating your home can be expensive. However, depending on the type of changes you want to make you can make things as expensive or as inexpensive as your budget allows.

Refreshing your home on a budget

Shop Pre-Loved

Shopping in charity shops, heading to eBay or local selling groups can throw up some treasures that would be ideal in your home for less than buying brand new. If you can’t buy pre-loved items then try to shop sustainable homeware where you can.

From preloved home accessories such as throws and cushions to furniture such as dressers, units or cabinets. Suppose you have a keen eye for a bargain – lookout for what people local to you are selling in their after Christmas clearout and see what new additions you can make to your home.


The best part is, many items can be upcycled and repurposed to give them a new lease on life. A lick of paint, recovering in a new fabric of even changing handles and doorknobs can be relatively inexpensive changes to make to second-hand items or even items that you.

A popular paint to use is Frenchic when upcycling furniture. However, there are more budget-friendly offerings from local high street chains that can achieve the same finish. Head to YouTube to find some easy to follow step by step instructions. It is worth remembering your finish will depend on the level of prep work you put in.

Add Accessories

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a new look or style. Some new, well-placed accessories can make all the difference. Decor at French Knot has some great pieces that can accentuate any room in your home, from ornaments to a statement rug. Focus on making one item a focal point and then use this to add complimenting accessories around the room.


A new paint job can give a new lease of life to any room. Maybe you don’t want to replace everything in the room to match the new colour. Consider using a colour that ties in with existing furniture or sites in the room. Just refreshing the paintwork can have a huge impact on how a room looks and feels.

Or, how about choosing one wall to repaint in a new colour to add a new dimension to the room and breathe new life into it?

Stuck for home decor ideas for 2021? There are some key styles you should be keeping an eye on for 2021 that will be popular with many people looking to redecorate in the new year and switch up their home’s interior style.


The rustic look is going to be big for 2021. Many homes are already embracing this trend. Those with homes that already have unique features such as open fireplaces, exposed beams, panelled walls or original wood flooring.

Focus on warm colours, reclaimed wood style and traditional features blended with modern technology to seamlessly blend the old with the new for this on-trend look.

Arts and Crafts

Think bold patterns and intricate handmade details. The arts and crafts trend is focussed heavily on the 19th-century movement born from the industrial revolution.

This trend encompasses everything that handmade crafts can bring to interior design and is often detailed and intricate blending s mix of patterns.

Distant Shores

Bold prints and a contemporary twist on the classic bold floral designs. Distant shores embrace everything you love about the holidays by invoking that holiday feeling but at home. Think bright colours, peacocks, palm trees and tropical leaves to bring a taste of the exotic to your home.

Earthy and Natural

Dulux’s colour of the year is Brave Ground. The earthy hues and natural colour schemes feature heavily in many designs and colour palettes for 2021. Think deep greys next to off whites for a bold yet welcoming feel that is relaxing and comforting. Mix in deep oranges and greens to add warmth and texture to your home, coupled with some exposed wooden features or accessories; this trend is heavily focussed on everything mother nature has to offer.


Beach house, seaside, summer holidays in the sand! You want to completely encapsulate what the ocean means to you by bringing blues and whites to your home in soft tones that scream the ocean in a relaxing yet soothing way. Avoid bright, harsh colours and opt for softer shades and white, distressed furniture to complete the look. If you want your home to feel calm and tranquil, this could be the decor for you.


Green green, green. Adopt a fresh minimalist look to your home that is accessorised by greenery in every part of each room. Build your own nurseries from living or artificial plants and add a touch of the outdoors inside by focussing your design efforts around a plethora of potted plants and shrubbery thriving in every part of the house.

In conclusion, adapting your home style to follow trends may feel like an expensive task. However, there are always you who can adapt what you have to completely alter the look and feel of the item itself and the room it is in. Use your creativity and to transform old and tired furniture and belongings into new items that will transform your home and allow you to create a new look and home style for less money. 

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