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Using Technology to Help with Home Learning

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When it comes to our children and their use of technology, many parents feel quite concerned. However, there are ways our kids can use their digital devices for constructive activities, particularly when it comes to their home learning, as you may have learnt during the lockdown. Throughout the pandemic, schools have been able to upload numerous online resources to their websites and portals which students can use to learn from. While it’s not the same as learning in a classroom environment, there are still many positives to using technology to help with home learning. I have teamed up with a senior school in Surrey to explore this in further detail.

Every child absorbs information in a unique way and technology is a great way to cater to each child’s distinct needs. Some may prefer to watch YouTube videos, while others might find educational games more helpful. What’s more, for those who are struggling with the topics in question, they can really take their time to go over the source material until they understand. On the other hand, children who are finding the set work easy can search online for something a little more challenging. Essentially, technology allows children to work at their own pace.

Another benefit of technology when it comes to education is that it puts parents in a position where they can easily communicate with the school and discuss any concerns. Before emails, parents had to rely on speaking to teachers face to face or simply relying on their child’s feedback, but nowadays it’s so much easier to keep track of your child’s progress. What’s more, parents can use the Internet to research the curriculum and find some inspirational, enjoyable ways to help their kids learn. 

Since the majority of children can’t seem to put their smartphones down, they might actually feel more motivated to do their schoolwork if they know that they can use a digital device. This is a win in itself. 

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