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Want To Look Professional And Sassy At The Same Time? Try This!

Looking professional is easy. Looking sassy is a piece of cake. Doing both at the same time, though – that’s a whole other ball game! Getting the balance right seems next to impossible. 

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In this post, we’re going to take a look at all the ways that you can be professional but also a bit edgy at the same time. After all, if you’ve got it, why not show it off? That’s your prerogative. 

Stick On Some Brighter Colors

Greys, blacks and blues dominate women’s work clothing. While that might have a place in your wardrobe, sometimes it is nice to branch out a little and try something new. Those colours tend to blend into the office background – not what you want when you’re trying to add a little extra sass to your routine. 

Great work clothes colours include red, yellow and even purple. Try it and see if it makes a difference in how people interact with you. 

Wear A Wrap Dress

Dresses tend to highlight your figure and add continuity. They’re professional, but they’re also sexy. Wrap dresses take this to the next level. They have an uncanny ability to show off your best features and get everyone talking – if that’s what you want. 

Wear An Open Jacket

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Open jackets are one of the best ways to combine the need to be professional with being sassy. Jackets evoke a sense of power, confidence and authenticity by themselves quite naturally. But when you open them and combine them with a shirt underneath, they can take your look to a whole new level. Don’t be afraid to wear something slightly revealing to enhance the effect. 

Go For Big Earrings

Small earrings are great if you have a modest, reserved character. But if you’re the type of person who relishes the chance to flaunt it, then going big with earrings is essential. You want everyone in the office to know that you don’t mess around. Once you’ve chosen an accessory, you stick with it. 

If you want to enhance the effect, try wearing your hair in a bun. This style will emphasise the neck and enhance your natural features. The earrings will serve to draw attention to your elegant appearance – that’s what you want, right? 

Slap On The Eyeliner

Is there anything sexier than eyeliner? Probably not. What’s more, it falls well within the bounds of professional style, so you can add it liberally every day of the week. Nobody is going to stop you. 

Wear A Fitted Suit

The male tailoring industry is obsessed with the idea that men must wear fitted suits to look their best. And they’re right. Unless the length of the arms and size of the chest is correct, then men can wind up looking quite awkward in their workwear. 

The same applies to women too. If the arms on your suit jacket are too long, then it can wreck the entire outfit. Next time you go suit shopping, be sure to take it to a professional for adjustments. 

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