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3 ways to make your patients more comfortable in their hospital bed

photo of woman lying in hospital bed

There are often complaints that hospital beds aren’t comfortable. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but it happens enough for there to be a slight stigma against hospital beds, just like there’s a stigma against hospital food. Perhaps it’s because they’ve worn overtime or maybe they weren’t comfortable in the first place, but for someone who may be in a great deal of pain, a decent bed might just be able to ease that pain. That’s why many hospitals and practices opt to look at the hospital bed mattresses at so that they can make their patients feel more comfortable. After all, if a patient is not comfortable, it may take them longer to heal meaning more time spent in a medical facility. Here are a few different mattresses that can be used to provide a more comfortable place to rest. 

Foam mattresses

A foam mattress is already a popular choice for a hospital bed. Easy to clean, easy to lift, it makes for a great fit. However, opting for a foam mattress may even be a better option. Made up of two layers of foam, this bed is more than comfortable. The foam layers on this mattress are not just glued together, the bottom layer of foam is strategically cut into cube like shapes for comfort, but also for added airflow too. This is great for any patient, especially those who get too hot or uncomfortable easily. Plus, the mattresses often come wrapped in a waterproof cover which is great in the medical industry. These mattresses can easily be wiped down between patients or even if a patient has spilt something on one. 

Pressure mattresses

A pressure mattress is a mattress that can be pumped up and set to different heights. With up to six different comfort levels, any patient can find comfort with this bed. As the mattress can be inflated, patients can find comfort in almost any position. So, if one part of their body needs to be elevated, it can be done so easily. One concern may be that this kind of mattress can often be noisy which can disrupt a patient’s comfort but that’s not the case. Although using an electric pump to keep parts of the mattress inflated, it has a surprisingly quiet operation. Plus, the pump used is battery operated so a patient can move wherever they please, they do not have to keep their bed in one fixed position because of any connecting cables. 

Weight specific mattresses

As with any mattress, the more weight that’s put on it, the more compressed it becomes. When someone is of an average weight, sleeping or laying on a generic mattress is often comfortable enough that they can rest and sleep. However, for someone who may be considered overweight, a generic mattress isn’t suitable. When not used appropriately, the mattress will compress a lot more and become very thin and because of that thinness, patients may be able to feel every lump and bump from the hospital bed and feel very uncomfortable. It’s incredibly common for people to be considered overweight in the eyes of a doctor so that’s why it’s important to have a mattress suitable for someone of a particular weight. Often referred to as bariatric mattresses, these mattresses are wider as well as thicker which make resting far more comfortable. These mattresses can also come with various accessories too, making them customisable for patients of different weights. Mattress toppers and cushions can be added to bariatric mattresses to make them more comfortable and durable too, which is great for the patient as well as the medical facility. 

There are other mattresses available too, but the 3 options discussed above are the most commonly used as they’re great for patient care and are affordable, meaning that any medical facility can use them. 

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  1. July 12, 2021 / 8:12 am

    Picking the right mattress is so important for the patient. Thanks for the care you show for others. 🙂

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