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Ways to Support Your Community During The Corona Virus

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Over recent weeks we have been put into a Lockdown situation by our government over Covid-19 aka Corona Virus. The government are urging us to come together, help and support each other and Support Your Community. Social distancing rules in place…obviously.

During this time, what the government are calling a crisis. It is so important that we come together and help each other out.

Look out for one another.

Check-in on anyone elderly or vulnerable, friends, family and neighbours…From a distance, of course.

We may not be able to see them face to face. But what we can do is drop them a phone call, text message or post them a letter. Stay in contact and if you can offer help and support.

We all need to stay positive and offer words of encouragement at this time.


Here are some Ways to Support Your Community During Covid-19 right during this period of isolation.

  • Check on your friends, family and neighbours using phone calls, video calls, text, social media, email or writing a letter
  • Order products online from local businesses that are still functional
  • When doing your trip out for essentials, offer to pick up some essentials from the supermarket for someone who is self-isolating.
  • Find your local Covid-19 support group on Facebook. If there isn’t one, why not start one?
  • Most importantly, Don’t Panic! Prepare!

By abiding by the rules that the government have put in place and helping each other, I believe we can get through this.

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