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What are the Rules for Scattering Ashes in Florida?

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If you have someone in your life who recently passed away, they might have requested that you scatter their ashes somewhere that was meaningful to them in life. This is a lovely gesture, and could be a nice way for you to say goodbye to someone. However, you do need to make sure that you are able to scatter their ashes where they requested. Here are some of the rules for scattering ashes in Florida.

Private Land

There are no restrictions in place when it comes to scattering ashes on private land in Florida. If your loved one wished to be scattered in the gardens of their home, you should be able to arrange a small, touching ceremony to say goodbye to them and scatter their ashes. Of course, if the land does not belong to you or your family, you should seek permission from the owner before scattering.

Scattering Gardens

Many funeral homes & cremation services in Florida will have scattering gardens attached to them where you can easily scatter your loved ones in pleasant surroundings. This still provides a beautiful place for them to be put to rest, and it means that you do not have to worry about heading out to some other location or arranging permission for the scattering ceremony. Finding a funeral company in Florida who can help arrange this, or put you in touch with a scattering garden if they do not have one themselves, will be crucial. 

Public and Federal Land

With public and federal land, you need to get permission to be able to scatter. This is often just a formality as the city or governing body will be happy to let you scatter, but it is a formality that should be obeyed. For example, in Florida many people like to have their ashes scattered in the Everglades, so reaching out to the National Parks is a must before the scattering ceremony can take place. You might also find that there are several restrictions in place here, such as ensuring that the ashes are all easily dispersed so you do not disturb the local environs too much.

At Sea

Florida is filled with people who spend their time out at sea, so it is understandable that they would wish to be scattered there. To do so, you first need to inform the EPA that you wish to scatter ashes. You must then make sure that you are at least three nautical miles from land for the scattering. Try to find a container that will naturally decompose, otherwise you are going to have to dispose of it separately.

Scattering ashes is a beautiful way to say goodbye to your loved one, and it is a lovely opportunity for a final goodbye. However, no-one wants to get in trouble for scattering somewhere that they should not. If in doubt, reach out to your local government office in Florida. They will be able to advise you as to whether or not you can scatter your loved ones ashes where you wish.

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