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What Will Your Baby Need During Their First Year?

If you’re about to bring a baby into the world, and this is your first child, you’re probably both very excited and super frightened about what happens next! Of course, you’ve learnt a lot along the way, but who knows if you’ve learnt enough about being a parent yet? 

Don’t worry, this is your chance to double-check. If you’re in the final stage of pregnancy and labour is just around the corner, take this time to ensure baby will have everything they need during their first year of life. And let us help you out with the points below; having a baby can be quite the expensive thing, so let’s make sure you’re spending on exactly what you need. 

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The Hygiene Essentials

As far as soap and other bathing items go, babies often do best with just a bit of warm water and a gentle cleanser (after the first month). Try to steer clear of most creams and/or lotions during these early months, as your baby is unlikely to actually benefit at such an early stage in their life. You can bring in baby oils nearer to the one year mark, if you so wish. 

However, you are going to need baby safe towels, nail clippers, combs, and other hygiene comfort items. Most of what we use as adults are neither small enough nor soft/blunt enough for a little baby, so invest in these items ahead of time. 

The Clothing

Baby is going to need a lot of clothing for their first year, and if you think the amount of Baby Bodysuits you’ll have to invest in right now is bad, just wait until they’re starting to grow at a pace you can’t keep up with! Of course, you don’t have to go mad here either and waste money, but don’t underestimate how much laundry you’ll have to do in the next 12 months. 

As such, be sure to invest in at least 5 of all clothing items you intend to get, and get them in a size bigger. Most babies won’t stay in those ‘newborn’ labels for long, and you’ll need the 0-to-3 month sizes sooner than you realise. Get more outfits that fit the latter option; you can donate any smaller items to charity later on. 

The Nursery Items

If you’ve put together a whole nursery for your baby, make sure it’s outfitted with as many mod cons as you’ll find useful. Of course, a suitable cot and mattress is the mainstay of all nurseries, but you’ll also need a changing table/space, plenty of safe storage, and some soft comfort items to help baby sleep and relax in there. You might even want to get a ‘feeding chair’ to fit in there, to allow you to breast or bottle-feed comfortably and without leaving the room. 

Your baby has a lot of growing to do during their first year, so make sure you’ve got the essentials to make it easier. 

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