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What’s The Best Flooring For Pets and Children?

What’s The Best Flooring For Pets and Children?

With most of us having some sort of small creature roaming around our homes, it only makes sense that we need to consider them when making our flooring choice.  Often our favourite floors are not always the best option for our needs, so we’re here to help you reach your decision bearing in mind these needs.

Chances are if you come from a busy family household with pets and children then there will likely be a lot of foot traffic going through your house. Therefore, something sturdy and durable is a must have. Although solid wood is probably the most durable choice of flooring, there are other features that don’t make it the most practical option when it comes to pets and children. Firstly, it is no good with water spillages, and as we’re sure you’re aware, this is a common occurrence with kids running about the place! Additionally, it can scratch and stain, again something that’s likely to happen with pet’s claws and kids’ toys. The best way to avoid these is to of course take preventative measures in the first place, like lay it in rooms that don’t see high exposure to these elements, keep pets’ claws trim and place mats by entrances to stop debris scratching. 

However, there is one advantage which wood flooring has over its competitors; it’s able to be sanded down and refinished, depending on its wear layer and thickness. This will eradicate any damage that has developed over the years, but should not normally need to be done for the first 15-20 years, so you can only imagine how many chances you get with this fantastic material as a floor! Therefore, even though it might not be the best choice to begin with, this feature allows wood to redeem itself from a practical and durable perspective too.

If you’re all about practicality and want something that’s not going to cause you any extra stress at all then we’d recommend Luxury Vinyl Tiles as the best option when bearing in mind your little ones. It is resistant to scratches, stains and water, perfect for rooms that see high exposure to these. You’d have to try very hard to stain and scratch these floors, so they’re safe from your kids and pets! You don’t have to sacrifice style with LVT either, as it comes in very convincing imitations of natural products such as stone and wood, that it’s almost impossible to tell it apart from the real thing.

Another sensible option when it comes to the best flooring for pets and children is laminate. Laminate is a good medium between wood and LVT, due to the fact that it’s resistant to scratches, stains and water but not full proof against them like LVT. Laminate’s main advantage is that it’s a much more affordable option than wood and LVT, ideal if you’re looking for a cheap and quick fix that’ll offer decent durability and practicality. Like LVT, it offers realistic impersonations of wood and stone too along with an easy cleaning routine, something that never seems to stop when you have little ones! 

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