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Which Is The Best First Pet For Children?


One study in the Independent reported that owning a pet increases an individual’s chances of being successful and happy! The same study revealed that ‘pet owners do almost double the amount of exercise- raising their heart rate five times a week compared to just three times for non-pet owners.’

Getting your kids a pet can help to improve their well being, raise their exercise levels, and teach them about responsibility. The question is, which is the best first pet for kids?

1 . Cats

Cat’s make wonderful pets for kids of all ages. They tend to be more independent than dogs, so they are ideal if you’re looking for a low maintenance pet. It’s advisable to choose a social breed of cat for children. Abyssinian cats are affectionate animals, and they tend to get on well with kids. Abyssinians are known for their playfulness, so they are well suited to energetic children. Himilayan cats have a sweet temperament; they are both intelligent and playful, and so they are also the perfect companion for kids.


2. Rabbits

Rabbits are another top choice for children. Rabbits have plenty of energy and are very social, which is a good match for most kids. The easiest way to choose a rabbit is to visit a rabbit breeder, or pet store. Let your children play with a few different animals, and choose the one they are most suited to. Your children should feel safe and comfortable around the rabbit, and it’s best not to choose an animal that’s too shy. You’ll need to make sure your home is ‘rabbit-proof’ first, for instance, wires should be kept out of rabbit reach (they tend to chew these).

3. Dogs

Dog’s are very friendly, which is ideal for young children. Dogs can be a fantastic first pet for kids. However, you must ensure that the dog has been properly socialised with kids. It’s important for the dog to be comfortable around children, and vice versa. When you are choosing a dog, size is one of the most important things to consider. When larger dogs play, it can be too much for smaller children to handle. They might end up getting hurt, so medium sized dogs are your best bet. Golden Retrievers are an excellent choice as a family dog; they are neither too timid nor prone to aggression. They are patient dogs which are perfect for younger kids. If you do decide to go for a dog Time for paws, have all that you need. From dog food to grooming supplies and dog beds, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for.

4. Reptiles

Children have a real love-hate relationship with reptiles; some kids love them and want to learn everything about these creatures. Other kids feel scared and want to stay away! Whether you’re considering a lizard, tortoise or snake, let your child spend time with the reptile, to make sure they enjoy its company! If your children have allergies, reptiles are an excellent alternative to a cat or dog. Reptiles sometimes need special equipment, cages and food. In this way, they can end up being more of a high maintenance pet.

5. Birds

Birds are a lovely pet for any home, you’ll need to ensure they have a large cage, and some space to fly about in your house. Keep in mind that having a bird flying around may scare some kids. It’s vital to make sure your children feel at ease before you choose a pet bird. Kids tend to love parrots because they are lots of fun. Parrots can be very noisy, so you might want to consider keeping them in a soundproof room.


6. Rodents

Rodents are a great way to teach your kids skills of responsibility and independence. You can help your children learn how to feed them and clean out their cages. Most rodents tend to be shy, including hamsters and mice. If you’re looking for a more sociable rodent, pet rats are an excellent option. 

Before you choose a pet for your children, it’s important to talk to them about their new responsibilities. You should provide them with info about what the pet eats, which kind of exercise it needs, and how to take care of it. You should also help your kids to remain safe around the pet by teaching them the dos and don’ts of pet play. Looking after a pet can help to improve children’s mental health and well being. 

Sociable dogs or cats are probably the best pets for children. Both are energetic and playful, however, you should ensure that you choose the right breed.

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  1. September 22, 2020 / 2:54 pm

    Dogs are likely the most stereotypical pet for children – and there’s a reason for that. Most average-sized dogs are large enough to avoid being injured by your child, but many breeds are also calm and laidback with children. Canines easily live to a decade, so you shouldn’t have to worry about having that uncomfortable conversation with your child. This species is also trainable and can usually go anywhere your child can, so they make good everyday companions.

  2. September 24, 2020 / 2:18 pm

    Hhahaha I hope to have one lovely pet for the kids after reading this post. Good job.

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