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Why Are Chores So Important for a Child’s Development?

little girl doing housework in room

Chores are unlikely to be amongst your child’s favorite ways to spend their time.

In fact, most adults will have that eye-roll moment when they remember they have a

a pile of laundry that needs ironing, but learning to crack on and take care of the less

than thrilling tasks is an important part of life. Children can benefit from having

chores to do around the home, and to help you understand why we have teamed up

with an independent school in Yorkshire who have shared their insights.

It’s easy for kids to take everything parents do for granted. They leave half of the

kitchen crockery on their bedside table, next thing they know it’s all magically

disappeared and somehow reanimated inside the dishwasher. The empty toilet roll

they leave on the holder always seems to grow back to its former glory by their next

visit to the bathroom, and the dustbin appears to be one of that high-tech

self-emptying kinds. It’s important that children learn how much work goes into

maintaining a home rather than just relying on parents to do it all for them. Chores

help them take responsibility for their role in the smooth running of the household,

and teaches them that they can’t expect others to clean up after them wherever they

go. Kids who contribute around the house are more likely to understand the

importance of keeping things clean and showing respect for their home.

Ultimately the goal is to raise your children to be able to fend for themselves when

they eventually fly the nest. Being made to peel potatoes for dinner might feel like a

punishment at 12 years old, but learning how to prepare food is an important life skill

that could save them from endless nights of instant noodles and beans on toast

when they go off to university or get their own place. Chores help children develop

important life skills which give them a sense of self-reliance and independence, a

huge self-esteem booster that can help kids feel confident and capable.

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