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Why is Reading So Important for Children?

photo of a boy reading book

Reading is not only a vital skill in life when it comes to professional aspirations but it’s also a wonderful way to relax and to enjoy a gentle form of entertainment at very little cost. Fostering a love of reading isn’t difficult – though it comes easier to some children than others, there are ways to help your child learn to love reading.

Without decent reading skills, it’s extremely difficult to learn. Reading comes into play in many different lessons as well as in life in general.

Day-to-day life involves constant reading – instructions, signs, maps, text messages, emails, forms, prescriptions – help your child to grasp the necessary skills they’ll need as they grow by encouraging reading as often as possible.

The gift of story

Story is what keeps us all reading. The joy of losing oneself in a brilliant novel or existing short story is hard to beat. Fiction feeds the imagination and teaches children about other cultures, other times and of course, other people.

Children can learn more than facts when they read great literature. They learn about morality, about right and wrong, they learn about love and all of the other strong emotions which humans commonly feel.

Story can also inspire – when we read about someone living the sort of lifestyle we’d like to live, we’re inspired to create that for ourselves and children are no different.

This senior school in Wales has a strong literacy department and encourages all children to become avid readers.

Helping reluctant readers

Reluctant readers may be encouraged by graphic novels and comics. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying graphic novels and comic – many high quality works are available today and if they help your child to develop their reading skills, so much the better!

Visit bookshops with your child. Make it fun – don’t worry about what they’re reading, don’t try to steer them in the ‘right’ direction. Let them explore the shelves and enjoy choosing their own books.

Always keep a positive attitude about reading. If your child can learn to associate it with happy, relaxed times, then there’s far more chance they’ll actually choose to read.

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