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Why It’s Important To Know More About Your Skin And Its Triggers

When we look at the various problems that can affect your skin, such as acne, spots, dry patches, and the like, thinking about solutions and treatments is all well and good, but sometimes it can be more productive to treat the root causes of your problems, as well. Skin issues often have triggers that cause them to flare up, and here, we’re going to look at a few, and how you can identify them.

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It may be no secret that stress can cause people who experience skin problems to break out in them a lot more often. This is because the body’s defences get weakened by the stress response, which allows the skin to be more freely attacked by bacteria and other exterior forces, which causes a reaction. Stress can also influence your hormones, and hormonal balances have long been attached to changes in the condition of your skin. As such, managing stress in which ways you can, such as with mindfulness meditation can make a real difference.


A lot of women experience problems with their skin during the times of their life when their hormones are at their most turbulent, such as with puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. However, women who experience some hormonal imbalance in their daily life can also be more prone to more frequent problems with their skin, as well. To that end, it might be worth looking at hormone therapy if, for instance, there are indications that your body is not producing the estrogen that it should be. This is typically done at menopause, but it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about getting an idea of your hormonal balance, regardless.


It’s well known that things like greasy, fatty, and spicy foods can cause breakouts. However, you might avoid these kinds of foods and still find yourself contending with problematic skin. If you get eczema flares alongside issues like acid reflux or constipation, it might be a sign of a delayed food allergy. With the help of a food allergy test, you can get a definitive confirmation of any foods that you might be allergic to. You might have to be a little more specific about the types of foods that you avoid.


Of course, your skin is going to be directly influenced by the things that you put on it, as well. Despite the fact that many of them are designed to come in contact with the skin, there are plenty of chemical ingredients in things like cosmetics as well as laundry detergents that can irritate the skin. Take the time to do your research on ingredients you should learn to avoid and make sure that you read the labels of the products that you put on your skin or wash your clothes with.

With the help of a dermatologist, you can get to know more about which triggers you can avoid, on top of which treatments they can be paired with to make some real progress in solving problematic skin.

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