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Why Mums Looking For A Late Career Change Should Consider A Job In Healthcare

When you become a mum, it changes your perspective on life in a lot of ways. Many new parents find that when they are ready to go back to work, they aren’t passionate about their existing career anymore. It’s common for mums to want something more fulfilling and there are a lot of benefits to changing careers after motherhood, but what kind of career is best? 

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Well, there’s no right answer here and it all depends on your own personal preferences. However, a lot of mums find that they are well suited to a job in healthcare. Here are some of the reasons why you’re perfect for a career in healthcare.  

It Requires A Caring Nature 

You need to be a caring, empathetic person to work in healthcare and who is more caring than a mother? When you have kids, you gain a new understanding of what it means to care for somebody and have empathy for them, even if they are being difficult. So, being a mum perfectly prepares you for any job in healthcare. 

You Can’t Be Squeamish 

When you are working in healthcare, you may have to help people go to the toilet or get changed and you’re probably going to see a lot of blood. So, you need to have a strong stomach to work in healthcare and most mums will be fine with whatever the job throws at them. When you have kids, you’re exposed to a lot of pretty disgusting stuff, which perfectly prepares you for the job. 

You Can Train Online 

This is a big one because going back to university full time isn’t really an option when you have a family to look after and financial responsibilities to meet. The good news is, you can train online with institutions like the college of health sciences, so you can train in your own time. So, when things are hectic with the kids and you don’t have that much spare time, you don’t need to worry about keeping up with your studies. Being able to train online in your own time is so convenient for mums and it means that you can still work while you get qualified, which makes the money side of things much easier to handle. 

Your Career Skills Keep Your Family Safe 

Every parent wants to know that their family is safe but none of us know how we will react in an emergency until it happens. If you get a job in healthcare working as a nurse, for example, your training in things like CPR, cleaning wounds, or administering epi-pens could save a family member’s life. It gives your family a lot of peace of mind if there is a healthcare professional in the family. 

When you are working in a healthcare environment, you will also learn a lot about living a healthy lifestyle in general. You can bring this knowledge home and share it with your family, so you are all happy and healthy for longer. 

Everybody is different and you need to think long and hard about what you want out of a career when making a decision. However, you should seriously consider healthcare because it’s perfect for mums. 

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