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Why You Need More Adventure as a Mum

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You may be a mum with a million and one responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take time out for yourself.

When you become a parent, you put your needs aside for the good of your children, and although this is necessary to some extent, it can leave you feeling burnt out, stressed, and feeling like you don’t really know who you are anymore.

Sound familiar? You need more adventure in your life. Here’s why:

You’ll get yourself back

When you go on an adventure, whether it’s volunteering abroad with ILA Vietnam or skydiving in your local area, you will be doing something that is just for you. You will start to feel more like yourself and remember who you are and what you’re into outside being a parent. It will totally transform your life.

You’ll be more present

When you’re a busy mum, your headspace is so often taken up with things like ensuring your baby has been fed, your kid has done his homework or you remember that morning meeting that’s sooo conveniently timed around that dental appointment for your kid. You barely have a minute to think about yourself, or just not think at all. 

This is not healthy. If you want to be happy, healthy and mentally well, you need to spend more time in the present moment. This is something you can achieve by meditating, but it is also something you can achieve by being more adventurous, When you’re climbing a mountain, for example, the only thing you’re thinking about is where to put your foot and how beautiful the view is, You are grounded and you have more headspace, which means you won’t be stressed, depressed or burnt out.

Pexels – CCO Licence

You’ll have stories

If you make time for adventure in your life, then you’ll have great stories to tell your kids when they get older. You’ll inspire them to be fearless and try new things, and ensure that they have a healthy respect for their mum because you’re an awesome adventurer who makes the most of life.

You’ll gain confidence

Moving out of your comfort zone and trying rock climbing or swimming with sharks will give you confidence you never knew you had, which is a good thing because so many women lose their confidence when they have kids and their whole life changed in the blink of an eye. Being adventurous forces growth and you need to grow, change and develop yourself as a brilliant human being if you want to achieve things in your life.

You’ll have fun

Above all else, if you allow yourself to go on adventures, big or small, you will have so much more fun in your life, and what are we here for if not to have fun and maybe make a difference in our own small way?

As you can see, adventure is so important in life, and just because you’re a mum doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and do crazy, wild, fun things, so what are you waiting for?

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