Are you concerned about your child’s emotional health and well being?

Are you concerned that they don’t seem to have enough confidence or that they seem unhappy?

Do you worry about your child’s friendships or lack of ability to make positive relationships and friendships?

I totally understand that as a mum of 5 myself, worrying about your children can make you feel so sad and helpless. You want your children to be happy, confident and resilient. For them to reach their full potential and enjoy life.

So, rather than letting the situation get worse and your worries getting bigger, and potentially affecting your mental health and well being.

It’s time to address these issues, and I can help!

Using Relax Kids 7 Steps to happiness and calm in a theme of your child’s or family’s choice we can work together to help your child overcome anxiety, become confident, happy and resilient!

During our sessions, which will be tailor-made to meet your child and families need. We will work together to develop strategies and ideas to support your child, yourself and your family with their emotional well-being.

I will also work with you to really encourage your child to feel good about themselves, building their self-esteem and confidence. As well as strengthening your bond and relationship.

My aim will be to help you develop parenting skills that will continue to serve you and your child in the future and throughout your parenting journey.

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