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Work-Life Balance: 8 Smart Ways to Juggle Work and Motherhood

Being a mum and working full time has never been easy; it can be very tiring and challenging to be recognized as not fully present both as a worker and as a mum. However, this doesn’t have to be that case. Achieving a fulfilling full-time job and being an excellent mum is possible. So, you must learn to create or find a balance that works better for your life.

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There is no specific magic formula for making things happen, but here are some clever and proven ways to balance motherhood and work.

Set free of the Mum Guilt

Instead of dwelling on the fact that you are not giving your children the full attention they need, think about how your role benefits your entire family. You can afford to pay for some classes for your kids or be able to save for their college education.

To be successful, you have to find better ways to be the best at both tasks, motherhood and working. This needs you to come to terms with your decisions and put more concentration on your current priorities.

Remember that there will be some good days and bad days, and know that you are never alone. Many support groups can be found online, where working mums like you reach out to others in a move to find a similar work-life balance.

Ask for Help

Never be afraid to ask for help whenever you need it. Successful mums are honest and ask for help, whether it is taking their kids to school, help around the house, or in the office. Don’t depend on people to know what you want; go for it. Besides, knowing that your child is being taken care of will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your job; therefore, if you have a hard time finding someone to take care of your kids, try to find guardian childcare near you.

Alternatively, you can ask for help from your partner. You might both be on the same page by juggling jobs, but remember you are both parents too. Have your spouse help you in accomplishing some things and show them how grateful you are for them.

Establish an Open Communication with your Supervisor

Being a mum doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be a less dynamic worker. But things can quickly turn around. You are a mum, which means you are the primary parent when your child gets sick or has an appointment. You will need some form of flexibility in your schedule. While you are committed to your job, either by skipping lunch or working during the weekend, it is essential to have an open communication line with your supervisor.

Tell them about your needs and how you will guarantee maximum productivity in your work. Hopefully, the manager will appreciate and be grateful for your honesty and commitment to your work as well as your family.

Get rid of Distractions and Time-Wasters

As a working mum, time is of much importance. When working, be careful of the time you spend getting together with other workers; it might affect your productivity. Make sure that you limit the long breaks you take for lunch or browsing the internet; this will help you make the most out of your work time. On the other hand, ensure that you leave work at work. Focus on your family instead of being on your mobile phone checking emails from work.

Take Care of Yourself

It can be hard to be at work, take care of your family and still be able to take care of yourself. However, there is a great need to re-charge. Learn to accept the fact that your job will still be there, no matter what happens to you.

So, have your partner take care of the kids while you go and grab a cup of coffee with your friends or even go to the gym to work out. You can also use that free time to meet other working mums and talk about the challenges you might be facing.

Utilize Technology

The mental burden that working mums have to bear is one that no one else can understand; however, a connected mum is a wiser mother. As a mother, you are primarily in charge of keeping many records; for example, you must remember all birthdays, keep the doctor’s appointments, sign consent slips, and knowing everyone’s clothes and size.

Luckily, there is an application for almost everything you want. You can use planners to keep track of your long to-do list or organise your ideas using online notes.  So, as a good mum, ensure that your entire family uses a similar online calendar system. In case you need your partner to do something, it should be on their agenda and not yours.

Using technology will help you plan ahead as much as possible to make sure that nothing is left for the last minute.

Avoid High Expectations

Mums usually demand as much from themselves like no one does. You think you must cook delicious and nutritious meals every day, maintain a clean house and more importantly, be the best parent. But, dropping your expectations is essential as it will help you eliminate many pointless pressures.

Your home doesn’t have to be sparkling clean every time a guest comes over, especially if they have kids. Sometimes, buying food instead of making them if you need some rest won’t make you a terrible mum. Home-cooked meals might be your daily objective, but it won’t hurt to have your family eat take-outs.

Create Time for Your Family

The time you spend with your family must really matter. You can make it meaningful by planning activities that the entire family will look forward to. You can schedule a picnic in the backyard, have a family game night or watch movies together. Alternatively, you can ask for your kids’ choice of places they would like to go or things they would love to do as a family.

Final Thoughts

As a working mum, you can be successful at work and be an excellent mother to your kids. Things might not be as simple as you thought, but don’t let that deceive you. Identify and be grateful for all the things you have, ask for help, let go of the mum blame, use technology and be a modern mum, avoid high expectations, and most importantly, take good care of yourself.

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