You Only Get 18 Summers – 18 Summers Wishlist


I don’t know about you, but when I was younger, especially in my teenage years, I couldn’t wait to be older. I used to wish my life away.

You will no doubt have heard some variation of the phrase ‘Enjoy them while you can before they grow up.’

Since having children and becoming a parent myself, I have found that the years seem to be flying by. If doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago I was 18 and giving birth to my eldest son. Who, this year, will be 16!

It’s scary to think that you only 18 summers with your child before they potentially ‘fly the nest’.

I have been asked to join in ’18 Summers Wish List.’ 


You Only Get 18 Summers - 18 Summers Wishlist

The ’18 Summers Wish List’ is a list of experiences, holidays, activities or just promises that you wish to have and make with your child before they fly the nest!

Considering my eldest son is 15, I only have 3 Summers left with him. Which kind of makes me sad, but then I remember the memories we have made and lessons we have learnt.

My other sons are 12, 7, 5 and 3. So I have plenty of Summers left.

So here is my 18 Summers Wish List for my family…

To Make Memories

I would love to make many magical and unforgettable memories with my boys. I would love for them to be able to look back on their childhood in future years and smile at their memories.

To Spend Quality Time Together

I want to make sure that I spend quality time with each of my boys individually as well as together as a family. Making sure I have that balance, so that they know that I value them and their time.

Let Them Be A Child

I want my boys to be a child, not to force them to grow up too fast.

Teach You To Enjoy Life

I want to teach my boys that you only get one life and it’s there to be enjoyed.

Learn To Take Responsibility

I want to teach my boys that they need to make good choices for themselves and to take responsibility of themselves and their choices and actions.

Learn To Be Proud Of Yourself

I would love to teach my boys to make themselves proud of who they are. To embrace themselves and not to be scared to be different.

Teach Them To Respect Others

Being a Mum of 5 boys, I feel extremely responsible to raise the men of the future. Therefore, I want to teach my boys that everyone should be treated as equals and other peoples beliefs, opinions and differences should be respected.


Teach Valuable Life Skills

I want to teach my boys valuable life skills such as manners, how to socialise, organisation and time management , how to cook, how to manage money etc

I know that all of my 18 Summers Wish List is lessons, but I feel that by giving my boys the life lessons and skills other opportunities will fall into place.

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