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YOUNG DRIVER™ Lessons Review

Admiral Young Driver Lessons Review

When I was contacted by YOUNG DRIVER™ and asked if my eldest sons Cameron and Harvey wanted to review their YOUNG DRIVER™ Lesson we jumped at the chance!

Admiral Young Driver Lessons Review

Cameron is 15 and Harvey is 12. Who wouldn’t be excited to get behind the wheel of a ‘real’ car at their age?! I know if I was their age, I would love it! Getting the opportunity to do something ‘grown up’ before my time!

How awesome is it that YOUNG DRIVER™ offer driving lessons to children aged 11 to 17 years old of all abilities, including youngsters who are deaf, have prosthetic limbs, are in wheelchairs, are blind, or have learning disabilities or neurological disorders.

Inclusion at its best!


Their lessons are at a variety of venues across the UK. The venues they us are on private property which allows more flexibility than if the lessons took place on the ‘real’ roads. The venue we visited was in our home town, Darlington.

When we arrived we were met by an YOUNG DRIVER™ representative who showed us were to sign in. Sign in was really simple. Basically give your name and get given a Drive Diary. In the Drive Diary was what they would learn throughout their lessons. We were then sent outside to wait for the other lessons to end and our instructor to call us.


On the day of Cameron and Harvey’s YOUNG DRIVER™ lesson, it was pretty cold. 20 minutes past our allocated lesson time had passed. I went to check what was going on, as it was we starting to feel numb standing around. I was informed that they were running behind due to a technical issue. Which, I do understand, these things do happen.

As soon as I had made them aware that we had been left waiting, one of the representatives was straight on the case and within around 10 minutes Cameron and Harvey were being called by their instructors.

YOUNG DRIVER™ lessons take place in a real, dual control cars, with a government approved instructor.


Cameron and Harvey lesson lasted 30 minutes, but there is a 60 minute lessons option available too. Throughout their lesson, my boys experienced starting and stopping the car, moving away, changing gears and steering. They even did a bit of reversing! Which for their first lesson at the ages of 12 and 15, I was pretty impressed! I don’t know long it took me to give reversing a try when I did my lessons!

Check out Cameron and Harvey’s driving skills!

Not bad huh?

The instructors adapt the lessons accordingly to suit the youngster’s ability and age. The Drive Diary is updated at the end to track their progress!

Overall Cameron and Harvey really enjoyed their driving experience, so much so, they wanted me to book more right there and then. Considering how nervous my boys were before their lessons, they came out feeling confident and positive towards their future and attitude towards wanting to learn to drive! An absolutely brilliant experience overall.

Needless to say, we WILL be using YOUNG DRIVER™ again!

I would defiantly recommend to any parent of a child aged 10-17 years old. The experience would make a fantastic birthday or Christmas gift.

For more information, please go to the YOUNG DRIVER™ website

Admiral Young Driver Lessons Review



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Admiral YOUNG DRIVER™ Lessons Review

*Please be aware that this is a sponsored post. I did not receive payment, but I did receive the lessons in return for a blog post*

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